Management Systems

6 Nov 2008

How to refer students to Counselling Session for non disciplinary related cases?

Student Discipline Module is enhanced to allow teachers to refer students to counseling session which is not related to disciplinary cases. Please follow the steps guided below on how to use Counselling Session

Step 1 – To create Counselling Session by Discipline Unit Teacher / Head
To create counseling session, please click on the link Student Discipline~>Counseling Session~>Create.

Step 2 – To update Counselling Session By Counselor
To update the counseling session into the system, please click on the link Student Discipline ~>Follow Up Action By Counselor. The students listed includes :
a)    All new and unsettled disciplinary cases that had transfer to Counselor
b)    All new and unsettled non disciplinary cases that had assigned to particular Counselor only.

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