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20 Oct 2008

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 265 – 20th October 2008

Release Note:

1. On Basic Module, we’ve enhanced features as following:-

(a) Teaching Record Book, Teaching Record Book is an added new function for managing Teaching Plan by subject teacher for an academic year.  School Admin is responsible to create/manage curriculum framework as defined in “Huraian Sukatan Mata Pelajaran” by MOE. Subject teacher will then create the teaching plans based on pre-created Curriculum Framework and submit to School Principal for approval, either by individual teaching plan or by batch.

(b) Enquiry ~ > Staff Workload Report, Once user is completely setup staff subject taught in school, staff additional duty records, training and official duty and roles that to be assigned on Student Discipline.

(c) Staff Mgmt ~ > Verify, This is an new option for data verification by admin on staff profile maintenance. Feature to be enabled at general setting.

(d) ID Card ~ > Staff ID, we ‘d add additional print info on staff ID card – Landscape Format. User may choose to print the following info on staff ID card, Other Name (School), Staff Other Name, Staff Address, Home Telephone No.

(e) Curriculum Mgmt Module ~ > School Calender, This is an new feature for replacement class assignment. School admin will able to create a replacement class with specified timetable cycle day to be used for the replacement class and it was installed automated school days computation from real school calendar. School is required to enable option under general setting for auto schooling day computation.

2. On Co – Curriculum Assessment Module, we’ve enhanced features as following:-

(a) Enquiry ~ > Student Grade Analysis ~ > Top Student by Category/Activity, system is enhanced to extend maximum top student count from 99 to 999 on top student enquiry page.

(b) General Parameter ~ > Activity Description ~ > Create/Maint, this is new option to create co-curriculum activity profile, such as motto, aims, external coach name etc.

(c) General Parameter ~ > General Setting, this New formula to populate student activity attendance mark (with setup option enable – Compulsory minimum activity attendance): (P + L) / (Minimum activities requirement count) X 50 marks and ncorporate assessment grading precision round setup (By Generic Round, Round Up or Round Down) while populating student assessment grade.

(d) Form & Report ~ > Assessment Summary Report, the reports is enhanced to print level group description on Assessment Summary Report – Format 2, e.g. T1, 2, 3 print as [Menengah Bawah] while T4, 5, 6 [Menengah Atas].

3. On SMM Web Module ~ > School Mgmt ~> Student Parameter ~> Scholarship Type -> Create , this is to allow school administrator to setup student scholarship parameter.

4. E-Report Card Module ~ > Exam Mgmt ~ > Additional Features ~ > Performance Remarks Report, a newly developed report, Student Performance Remark Sheet to combine printing of Class Teacher and Principal comments in one paper sheet for a single exam.

Click Here to download SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 265.

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