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10 Oct 2008

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 264 – 10th October 2008

Release Note:

1. On Basic Module, we’ve enhanced features as following:-

(a) Curriculum Mgmt Module ~ > School Calender, Curriculum Management function is enhanced to provide a real school master calendar for users to define schools events for each academic year including school terms, public holiday, special holiday and activity schedule.

(b) School Paramter ~ > Facilities Mgmt Module, Now teachers are allowed to perform room booking online that will maximize the usage of available resources within the school by increasing efficiency while eliminating double bookings. All room bookings shall be submitted for approval by School Administrator and an approved booking is no longer allowed to be re-scheduled.

(c) Facilities Mgmt ~ > Booking Enquiry, School Admin and teacher are able to perform Room/Vehicle booking enquiry in calendar format. All approved room/vehicle booking will be displayed in calendar format with details to enable user to check which date is still available for booking more easily.

(d) Curriculum Mgmt  ~ > Class Monitor, We’d provide class monitor update by level where the school administrator can assign the class monitor and its assistant in one screen for whole level.

(e) Staff Mgmt ~ > Daily Staff Duty ~ > Create, Staff Management function is enhanced to add a new feature whereby the School Admin / Principal is able to assign / schedule staff to be on daily duty by location. Staff on duty will then able to write report and submit on line to School Principal for approval.

2. On Co – Curriculum Assessment Module, we’ve enhanced features as following:-

(a) Co-Curriculum Assessment Module ~ > General Setting, We’d gathered feedback from users, schools will use “N/A” to indicate those members who are not required to attend the particular scheduled activity. As such, no attendance taking is required and shall be excluded from the total scheduled activities count.  So, the final formula for calculating the attendance mark (according to MOE guide book) after incorporating N/A is as follow:

“(P + L) / (Total no. of scheduled activities – Y – N/A) X 50 marks”.

3. On Library Mgmt Module, we’ve enhanced features as following:-

(a). Bibliographic ~ > Create, System were incorporate iSchool Beam-me Web services for library bibliographic record creation function.  School user can key in book title or ISBN to search book info from iSchool Beam-me server and speed up the data input process.

(b). Library Mgmt ~ > General Parameter, System is enhanced to auto enrol new student and staff as library members. Setup option will be provided at general setting for default library membership enrolment.

(c). Catalogue ~ > Online Catague, we’d provided new bibliographic cataloging by [Material Type]. User definable material type by Books or Media.

(d). Library Mgmt ~> Parameter ~ > General Parameter, LMS is enhanced where Automated Call No generation by Dewey Classification Standard.

4. On e – Attendance Module, we’ve enhanced features as following:-

(a). Enquiry -> Staff Attendance -> Clock In All Staff/Staff Absent, System allowed to display actual leave type description (e.g. Annual Leave, Sick Leave – Governement etc) instead of generic description of [On Leave] on staff attendance enquiry page.

(b). Enquiry ~ > Staff Attendance ~ > Attendance Analysis ~ > Staff yearly attendance analysis, we’d enhanced staff yearly attendance analysis report with system auto populated schooling day for the reporting month.

5. Student Discipline Module ~ > Counselling Session ~ > Create, Student Discipline Module is enhanced to allow teachers to refer students to counseling session which is not related to disciplinary cases.

Click here to download SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 264.

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