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28 Sep 2008

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 263 – 28th September 2008

Release Note:

1.  On Basic Module, we’ve enhanced features as following:-
(a)  Student Mgmt Module ~ > Checklist By Student, The system is incorporate student payment record printing.  Payment item to be definable by school user.

(b)  Student Mgmt Module ~ > Student Medical Record, We’d provided new option to enter student general health and immunization record.  The entered information can be viewable under student personal record enquiry page. This function allows user to record student health history  including allergy and immunizations information.

(c)  Enquiry Module ~ > Attendance Enquiry -> Summary – Daily By Class, The system is enhanced to provide an option to print letter for student absent parent notification.

(d)  School Mgmt ~ > Facilities Mgmt, This is new feature on facilities booking and approval. Teachers are allowed to perform room booking online that will maximize the usage of available resources within the school by increasing efficiency while eliminating double bookings. All room bookings shall be submitted for approval by School Administrator and an approved booking is no longer allowed to be re-scheduled.

(e)  Timetable Mgmt ~ > Staff Substitution  ~ > Class Substitution, To ensure only teacher in the school at the time of class substitution listed on substitution teacher option. This amended feature is only applied to school with e-attendance module activated.

2. On E – Report Card Module, We’ve enhanced features as following:-
(a)  Exam Mgmt ~> Produce Class/Level Ranking, we’d resolved the incorrect class ranking for classes with ranking method by Subject Grade, i.e. student scores more A will be ranked first.

(b)  Head Count & Post Mortem Module, This is a new module release on Take-Off-Value (TOV), Expected-Target-Result (ETR), Operational-Target-Increment (OTI) processing. Headcount is prepared to set target for students individually as well as a group in a class and form/level to achieve in academic performance.

3. On Co cu Assessment Module, We’ve enhanced features as following:-
(a)  Forms & Report ~ > Activity Involvement Summary Report, we’d provided a new reporting option – Activity Involvement Summary Report: Listing of co-curriculum activity by member count and total involvement statistic count.

(b)  Student Position ~ > By Activity~ > Create, the system is enhanced toeExtend co-curriculum activity position count from maximum of 999 to 9999 students.

(c)  Enquiry ~ > Student Activity ~ > By Activity, provide display student leaving icon on student activity enquiry listing page.

(d) General Parameter ~ > General Setting, the system is enhanced to add option at general setting and enhance assessment grading process according to the setup.  Note that default rounding option = round down, therefore it’ll not affect existing school’s operation.Assessment Element Rounding Option:Generic Round / Round Up / Round Down. The default rounding option = Round down and the setting only apply to 4 weighted elements, namely, Attendance, position held, involvement & achievement.

(e) Enquiry ~ > Student Attendance Analysis ~ > Attendance Analysis, Provide a activity attendance analysis table and chart, allowed to print report of each category.

4. On E – Attendance Module, We’ve enhanced features as following:-
(a). Attendance Processing ~ > Latecomer Processing for staff, The system would enhanced the option to Do not show academic staff as “absent” status during school holiday period as defined in school calendar. The Academic staff will not be marked as “Absent” Status if the processing date falls outside the schooling periods as defined in each semester / school term under Basic ~ > Curriculum Management ~ > Academic Year option.
(b). Personal Administration ~ > Submit Leave Application, Staff leave management has been incorporated into e-Attendance Module as a newly enhanced feature. This feature enables various types of leaves such as Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Compassionate Leave, Sick Leave-Government, Sick Leave-Private, Unpaid Leave and Unrecorded Leave to be easily managed by capturing staffs’ leave entitlements, requests, approval and balances.

(c). Parameter ~ > Leave Entitlement, Staffs’ leave entitlement records must be created first before the staff is eligible to apply leave. School Admin is required to record the staff leave entitlement for the following leave types:- 1. Annual Leave- 2. Sick Leave – Government- 3. Sick Leave – Private

(d). Personal Administration ~ > Submit Training Report, Staff training management has been incorporated into e-Attendance Module as a newly enhanced feature. Information on staff training, which includes staff’s submission of request, approval and training details such as organizer, location, duration and costs shall be under a workflow system with all the related data captured in the system.

(e). Enquiry ~>Staff Attendance ~> Staff Daily Transaction, incorporate print option on Staff Daily Transaction enquiry.

(f). Personal Administration ~ > Submit Official Duty Application, Staff on official duty has been incorporated into e-Attendance Module as a newly enhanced feature. Information on staff on official duty, which includes staff’s submission of request, approval and assigned duty details such as destination, start and end date, duration, purpose and costs shall be under a workflow system with all the related data captured in the system.

(g). Enquiry ~> Staff Attendance ~ > Attendance Analysis ~ > Staff Yearly Attendance Analysis/Staff Yearly Absent Analysis, User is able to inquire the percentage of staff present/absent, breakdown by month.

5. On Library Mgmt Module, We’ve enhanced features as following:-
(a). Bibliographic ~ > Creation – Beam Me Web Service, To improve the overall service, usability and reduce repetitive data entry in school, we have incorporated iSchool Beam-me Web services for library bibliographic record creation function.

(b). Circulation ~> Circulation, The Circulation function is enhanced to facilitate easier flow of borrowing / returning especially for those members who have not bring along library cards can still proceed with book borrowing or return via Advanced Search feature.

6. System Administration Module ~ > System Tools ~ > Module Transaction Statistic, Module transaction statistic monitoring option is used to analyze the module transaction statistic count by date. Any transaction conducted by the module using by school will increase the value to 1.

Click here to download SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 263.

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