Management Systems

25 Sep 2007

How do I enrol the students from previous academic year to new academic year?

Follow steps below to enroll student to the next academic year.

Before performing Student rollover, please complete the setup in section 2.1 New academic Year, school calendar, level, class, and subject setup

Step 1: Perform Student Rollover Process
There is two option for user to choose of student rollover available inside the system. First option is class streaming where the process when generate by the system will moves the students from previous year class to current year class based on their level ranking. If SMS user intend to used the first option please refer to this reference entitle “Class Streaming”. The second option is using start year auto enrollment where the system allows the students to be moved from one class to another, as long as it’s the same level or higher than the current level. If SMS user intend to used the second option please refer to topic entitle “Start Year Auto Enrollment”.

Step 2: Change Class for Students
If the student are not meant for the new class which had been enrolled in, user may opt to change the class by using the existing function available in the system. User may change the student by multiple student which can be access from Student Mgmt ~> Change Class ~> Multiple Student. User also may change class by student which user can access from Student Mgmt ~> Change Class ~> Single Student.

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