Management Systems

9 Jan 2007

Do I need to ensure all students return the library books before processing student rollover process?

For those students who are not leaving or transferred, it is not required to return library books before processing student rollover process. This is because after student rollover to new academic year, the librarians are still able to perform book return transaction for previous year’s students.

As for those students who are confirmed leaving or transferred, it is not required to return library books if the School allows the school leavers to use school library. On the other hand, if the school leavers are no longer allowed to use the school library, SMS user has to ensure that all library books borrowed by the students must be returned. To return library books, please go to Circulation ~> Circulation. Thereafter, the library membership accounts have to be terminated. This activity is best to be carried out before processing student rollover process. To terminate a membership for a student, please go to Membership Mgmt ~> Close Membership ~> Student.

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