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1 Feb 2010

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 277 – 01st February 2010

Release Note

1. On Basic Module, We’d enhance the features as following:-

a. Enquiry ~ > Class Information ~ > Class Teacher & Student, To remove user login information and version number from Class Listing Print.

2. On Library Mgmt Module, We’d enhance the features as following:-

a. Bibliographic ~ >  Bibliographic Record ~> Delete, system have build in control to disallow student librarian to update book’s status.
b. Bibliographic ~> Bibliography Details Export, add [Book Status] filtering criteria on Bibliographic Detail Export Process.
c. Bibliographic ~> Bibliographic Record ~> Quick Update, introduce new quick update option to provide multiple books update on book’s status, collection type and location for ease of location/collection type transfer.
d. Library Mgmt ~ > Library Audit Holding,  new enhancement to provide library audit by with location group or without location group. Audit session with location group is linked to define their school library by sections or sub libraries eg staff library, student library, red spot, etc. With such grouping, the library audit can be carried out by selected section or sub library. The audit report process generated is provide MSExcel export option.
e. Enquiry ~ > Circulation Enquiry, build in optional class search criteria on circulation enquiry process.

3. E-Attendance ~ > Late/Absent Reason ~ > Staff Late/Absent Reason Approval, to add filtering criteria by staff clock-in session for staff late/absent reason approval listing.

4. Co-Curriculum Assessment ~ > Enquiry ~ >  Activity Calendar, To build in record sorting option on Activity Calendar Enquiry page.

Click here to download SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 277

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