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8 Aug 2008

What do School Admin(s) need to do after receiving the Root Blog Admin ID and passwords?

Upon receiving Root Blog Admin ID and password, the School Administrator is now able to login to the Portal site and start managing its contents. There are several ways that you can get  started easily:

1. To manage the menu items 

A standard menu items shall be set up during installation of the Portal. School Administrator is allowed to manually add new menu items or sub-menu items; to edit the description of menu items; to delete inappropriate menu items;or to re-arrange the menu items by re-defining the page order. To do it, please click on respective links for details.

2. To change the Theme

A Theme or Template for the Portal shall be defaulted during installation. School Administrator is allowed to change the defaulted theme to desired one, choosing from the list of customized themes. All these themes are specially customized to suit our customized plug-ins and widgets for iSchool WP Portal.

Besides, School Adminstrator is able to change the Front Page Image by uploading the photos that best represent your school. Front-page Option will also allow you to exclude some of the menus for navigation. and also to customize the front page display eg sectionalize posted items for each menu. Sidebar widget can be configured to suit your requirement. Please click on the respective link for detail.

3. To add New users

School Administrator is able to add new users to the Portal with specific role assigned that either be an Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor or Subscriber. Each of the role assigned will carry out different functions. For details, please click on the link Different Roles of Users. Please take note that School Administrator is required to add all users including those users who have been assigned to manage individual sub blog. Sub blog Administrator can only add existing users in the School Portal to their sub-blogs.

4. To create contents for pre-defined menu items

Once all the menu items are confirmed, School Administrator and new users added can start posting / uploading the contents for each menu item. To start quickly, please click on the link Quick Start To create Content for pre-defined Menu.

5. To Create Sub Blogs

School Administrator(s) are responsible to create sub-blogs for the school. Once the WP Portal Setup is activated, the standard menu items related to a particular sub-blog category shall be auto created. For details, please click on the link How to create sub blogs for the school?

School Administrators are allowed to create sub-blogs for the following sub-blogs categories namely: 

–    Co-Curriculum Groups
–    Teacher’s Blog
–    Parent & Teacher Association
–    Old Boy
–    Classroom Blog

To know the standard menu items created for each sub-blog category, you may click on the link What kind of sub-blogs categories currently available? for details. 


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