WP Portal


iSchool WP Portal is a School Portal product based on the WordPress Engine, and its efficient Content Management Systems capabilities, for Schools to build their web site easily. Specially customized templates were designed for schools, and new plug-ins written for school to embed many of the Web 2.0 content and Google Apps documents in their school site.

Ready to Go Menu
The site is coming with a pre-defined menu School Info, News and Events, Co-curriculum, Communities, Multimedia – for you to have an easy start, however, you can always re-organise your own menu groupings.

Visitor traffic
We also provide you with the visitor information to your site, so that you know who had been viewing your site.

Multiple role access
This product provides the much required users account management, integrated with Google Apps, where you can actually assignment various roles to your end-users to access the Portal.

Web 2.0 Features
This product is designed with many of the Web 2.0 features where you can now have podcast, tagging, audio and video streaming on the site and provide an RSS feed for people to subscribe to your content.

Embedding Contents
You can now embed many of the Web 2.0 modules, including Flickr, Picassa, Youtube, Twitters, Google Maps, and all contents from the Google Apps.

Multiple Templates
You can choose your school’s preferred look and feel from the many templates that we have, all specially customized for schools.

Choice of Languages
You can now have your choice of displayed language for your site in English, Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese.

Google Apps for Education
This product is integrated with Google Apps for Education, where you can control who can add comments to your own site.

What do we provide?

  • Use of the WP Portal Services
  • Site Hosting
  • 4GB of Disk Space!
  • Google Apps Accounts for the school

Choice of School site URL
You can either purchase your own school domain e.g. www.smkcbn.edu.my or having the site hosted with our domain – http://smkcbn.sekolah.edu.my