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8 Aug 2008

How to re-arrange the menu items?

There are 3 options provided for you to arrange the page listing which can be set in “Theme Option”. The options provided are:

– By Page Title – which is arranged according to the first letter of the pages in alphabetical order eg About, Co-Corriculum, Home, Information. The sub-pages created under the parent / main page are also arranged in such manner.

– By Date – which is arranged according to the respective page creation date and sorted in ascending order. All sub-pages created under the parent / main page are also arranged in such manner.

– By Page Order – this is a more flexible option where user is able to arrange the pages and sub-pages displayed at your own discretion. User is advised to assign a  range of number in between the pages so that it will accomodate the new pages added / re-arrange the page ordering whenever required. Eg of page ordering:

Home (0)
About (10)
– School Vision (0)
– School Mission (10)
– School Motto (20)
– School History (30)
– School Logo (40)
– School Song (50)
– School Location (60)
– Contact Us (70)
Information (30)
– Principal (0)
– Governing Board (10)
– School Administration (20)
– School Calendar (30)
Co-curriculum (40)
Multimedia (50)

All standard menu items set up for both School Portal and Sub-Blogs are defaulted by Page Order. However, Administrators are still able to re-structure the current page ordering sequence (refer Order Your Page) or go to “Theme Option” to choose the desired page listing display option.


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