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28 Aug 2007

New Plugin – Re-assignment of Post Author

WPMU deletes all the posts and blogroll links upon user master profile delete request submission. With this, we’d developed a new plugin that will transfer the posts / links’ ownership from deleted user to blog owner / site administrator prior to the profile deletion. If the deleted user is the blog owner, this Plugin will re-assign the post author to site administrator. This Plugin is implemented to our products that are powered by WordPress engine ie iSchool Blogs and iSchool Contests.

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  • 13 Aug 2007

    iSchool Blogs – School Blogs Deletion Option

    We’d provided School Blogs Deletion option and the priviledge is granted to School Portal Administrator or Web Administrator only to perform the function. To do it, please refer to our online documentation on How to Edit my School Blog?

    It is important to take note that once the school blog is deleted, all those users’ or co-curriculums’ blogs blogroll or links shall be removed. In the event whereby you create your school’s blog again, all those existing users and co-curriculum blogs will not be listed in your newly created school blog’s blogroll. Thus, you need to add in their link manually to your school blog. To do it, please refer to our online documentation on What are Blogrolls? for details.

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  • 10 Aug 2007

    iSchool Blogs Launching

    iSchool Blogs is finally going live on 10/08/2007. All SMJK Schools’ Principals and Administrators have officially informed via e-mail on this launching. This new has also announced in http://smjk.edu.my so that all school users within the SMJK community are awared on the launching.

    iSchool Blogs is specially designed for schools and educators. It provides various ways to effectively use blogs in teaching and learning at all levels. Please visit this site: http://blogs.smjk.edu.my/ischool-blogs/ for more details.

    Please refer to our online documentation for iSchool Blogs Manual that will guide you on how to get started for Bloggers and also for School Administrators. Should you need further assistance, please contact us at support@perridot.com.

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