iSchool SMS

iSchool Management Systems is our flagship product in our iSchool Suite of education products. It is the choice of school administration software among schools. Implemented since 2001, we understand the unique school information management requirements of all types of schools and districts, public and private, primary to secondary.

The iSchool Management Systems provide an easy-to-use integrated school management software system that streamlines administrative tasks and manages student information throughout the entire school.

iSchool ASP Portal

The iSchool ASP Portal is specially designed for schools that want to provide school information access for parents and students from home. We will provide uploading utilities for you to synchronise the student information from the iSchool Management System to the iSchool ASP Portal, so that they can be access from our data centre by parents and students from home.

iSchool Portal

Our web-based Content Management System will provide your schools all the tools you’ll need in managing your school site. You can easily update school news, announcements, co-curriculum activities, upcoming events or School information with only an Internet connection.Your appointed School Portal Administrator is empowered with one-click control over your school’s own site content, navigation, images and files with no programming knowledge required and no software to download.

iSchool WP Portal

header-ischoolwpportals.pngThis is a single school product, different from the iSchool Portal above, with this, you’ll still have most of the iSchool Portal school site functionalities. iSchool WP Portal is based on the WordPress blogging engine, with additional administrative functions provided by the iSchool Portal, as well as many specially customised WordPress Templates and custom-built Plug-ins.

iSchool Blogs

iSchool Blogs is designed specially for schools and educators. It provide various ways to effectively use blogs in teaching and learning at all levels. iSchool Blogs provides all Schools, teachers, students, and co-curriculum activities the ability to create their own blogs. We think that by providing blogs to educators, especially teachers then later students, to build an interactive community where teachers can share and communicate with other teachers within the school communities, and help create an online teaching platform and interactive relationship with their students, and students within the communities.

Google Apps


Google Apps Admin is an account management module specially written for schools to manage their Google Apps user accounts, it is an add-on module if you have domains running with Google Apps.

iSchool Directory

iSchool Directory is a School database information service, where keep all public information about schools and published them on the web as school directory, we also provide school location information by providing school coordinates in Google Maps. We work with the Ministry of Education in getting all the schools’ Map coordinates tagged, and for us to host and provide directory search by the public, once we have the database updated, user can have the school location in Google Maps embed in their School Website.


The iSchool Portal is part of Perridot’s iSchool Suite of products, a Content Management System implemented with many of the Web 2.0 components, it was an upgrade to an earlier version which provide a dynamic web site CMS.

Among many of the iSchool Portal functionalities are:

iSchool Portal Account Management
This module provide the much required users account management, integrated with Google Apps, where you can actually assignment various roles to your end-users to access the Portal.

School Page Contents
Schools can manage the basic School Information like vision, missions, logo, songs, location, etc.

News and Announcements
Schools can post their various news items like school school news, announcements, events, achievements and messages from the Principal and Teachers.

All various school co-curriculum activities can be created with this module, categorized into Sports, Clubs & Societies and Uniform Groups.

We provide a podcast capabilities for school to upload various audio and video contents to the iSchool Portal site, for users to subscribe.

Video and Audio cast
Schools can upload their audio and Video content to the site to provide online streaming viewing for school visitors.

RSS Driven
All iSchool Portal contents are RSS feed ready.

Flickr Photo Plug-ins
We also provide facilities for user to post and attaché Flickr photoset on any of the posting on iSchool Portal.