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Start Page

What Is This?

The Start Page lets you create a unique, dynamic place for your users to preview and access their inboxes and calendars, find relevant information from your organization or business, and search the web. You customize the layout, header information and color scheme, as well as the page’s default content, which can include Google Personalized Homepage modules, your own content and links, and RSS feeds. After your users log in, they can further customize the Start Page.


With the Start Page, your users only need to remember a single internet address to access all their Google Apps services. That way, you can save time and clicks for everyone, and make it easier for your less tech-savvy users to access their new communication tools.

Quick facts

  • Central access point – Create a place for users to preview their inboxes and calendars, access relevant content from your organization, and search the web.
  • Custom look and layout – Match the look and feel of your organization or business with our what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface, which allows you to easily brand your own Start Page.
  • Custom content – Choose from Google’s broad selection of gadgets for your organization’s page or create your own modules. After users log in, they can further personalize the Start Page so it’s just right by adding, removing, customizing and rearranging modules.
  • Create your own gadgets – Create custom gadgets that offer dynamic content specifically geared for your users. With the Google Gadgets API, you can stream custom content to your users, provide them quick access to tools like currency converters or calculators, and much more.
  • Search tools – Users can easily search across to quickly find what they need, right from the Start Page.
  • Supported browsers – Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera
  • Supported languages – Currently, US English only

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