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iSchool Google Apps Admin

iSchool Google Apps Admin is an account management module specially written for schools to manage their Google Apps user accounts, it is an add-on module if you have domains running with Google Apps.

Among the major features are:

  • Bulk Account Management
    With our iSchool Google Apps Admin module, we had simplified the process of account creations in large volumes, where we provide tools for you to extract Students, Teachers and Parents profiles from our iSchool Management Systems, or your existing user email accounts.
  • Mailing List Management
    We also provide import functions for you upload these extracted data into the iSchool Google Apps Admin, where you can manage all your Google Apps Accounts and mailing list easily, including various class list, teacher lists, sports and co-curriculum groups etc;
  • Additional Information for your School Operations
    We provide addition school information on our iSchool Google Apps Admin database, which is not available on Google Apps, e.g. Schools’ name, Class info, student Identity cards, for use in the management of user accounts.
  • Multiple Schools managements
    Our iSchool Google Apps Admin is able to handle multiple schools using a single domain for the Google Apps, ideally designed for School districts for offer schools under their districts, using the same domain name.
  • Account Disbursements
    Once the accounts were created, either individually or batch, we will provide a PDF generated User Notification Letters, where School Administrators can generate and print out the Notification letters and distribute to the students, class by class. With this easy to use function, you no longer need to copy down each user ID and password manually and distribute to your user.
  • Live synchronization and updating with Google Apps
    All information updates done on the iSchool Portal are updated live to the Google Apps accounts, using the Google’s APIs, including creations of accounts, password change and re-issuance of lost password.
  • Re-issuance of lost Passwords
    We provide an automated mechanism for users to retrieve their lost password through an alternative email notification. The School Administrators can also perform manual re-issuance of passwords, and re-generate the new User Notification Letter.

Hosting Services
We provide the following iSchool Hosted Service for our iSchool Google Apps Admin module:

  • Registration of your domain, if required (e.g.
  • Hosting of your domain on a DNS platform designed for Google Apps
  • Set up of the various Google Apps services URLs (e.g.,,,
  • Creation of your personalised Google Start Page (with Name, Logo, Google Gadgets, Colors, Content) and branding of your Gmail and Google Calendar

Online Resources

We had created a special section on all Google Apps services, where we will be giving all kind of resources on how to use the Google Apps services, together with all Online Manual to the modules. If you have a Support Contract with us, all your users having the specific domain can use their Google Apps account to log in and access this Online Resources. E.g. the SMJK school users can use their own Google Apps Account to log in.