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Google Talk


What Is This?

Google Talk helps people communicate more effectively and efficiently. It provides a simple and free way to speak with and exchange instant messages with your contacts. With Google Apps, your organization’s IM network is automatically connected to the whole Google Talk network, so you can instantly connect with millions of other users.


All you need to make free calls around the world is an internet connection, a microphone, and a speaker (which are built-in to most computers these days). Google Talk also offers file transfers so you can quickly send attachments while you’re instant messaging, and voicemail so you can leave a message when your contacts aren’t online.

Google Talk instant messaging is integrated into the Gmail browser window, so you can see when your contacts are online and connect with them in real-time without leaving your inbox. Your IM conversations can be saved and searched within Gmail, just like email conversations.

The following are the features of Google Talk that we had found

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