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14 Dec 2008

Google Calendar add “Undo”, event reminder options

Google Calendar now supports several new features:
– You can now undo the last change you made to your schedule.
– You can now disable reminders for events that you haven’t accepted.
– Events now show a visual indicator when all other attendees have declined.
– Event creators can now allow guests to modify the details of an event.

How to access what’s new:
To undo your last action, click the ‘undo’ link in the change confirmation that appears near the top of the screen.

To turn off reminders for events you haven’t accepted, click ‘Settings’, go to the ‘Automatically add invitations to my calendar’ section, and choose ‘Yes, but don’t sent event reminders until I have responded’.

To let guests modify events that you create, open the details of your event, go to the ‘Guests can’ section, and check the box for ‘modify event’.

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