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13 Dec 2007

Take Photo with Google Talk Gadget

google talk gadget webcam avatar

The Google Talk gadget now has a feature that allows users to take photos for their avatars directly from the webcam, Justin Uberti announced on Google’s Talkabout Blog.

google talk gadget webcam

To take a photo, click on your Google Talk picture in the Google Talk gadget, then select the “Take Photo” option. A new window will pop up and from there you should be able to see yourself (or whatever your webcam’s capturing at the time). Clicking on the “Take Photo” button will, well, take the photo. If you don’t like the photo, click on the X button on the top-right corner and retake the photo. Once you have the right one, click on Save and the application will “set your picture across the Google Talk network, including in Gmail.”

Via Googlified

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