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9 Apr 2007

Google Talk now support Flickr slideshows

Google pushed out a nice update to the Web version of their Google Talk application earlier this week. Users can now have more than four conversations at once, embed Flickr slide shows into chat, and a pop out the chat list as its own window.

The Flickr slide show implementation is pretty slick, users need only paste in an album URL, and Google Talk will automatically convert it into a slide show for you. You can shuffle back-and-forth between photos, which resize dynamically depending on the size of your chat window. A word of warning though: pictures will appear a little grainy, so if you want to see the clear, full-size shots, you’ll have to view them on Flickr.
You can now do more with the Google Talk Gadget. In addition to putting the gadget on your Google Personalized Homepage, if you paste a URL from Flickr into your chat, the Google Talk Gadget will let you preview the Flickr photos right in your conversation.
E.g. paste the following URL into your Google Talk Chat Box


You should be able to see the Flickr photos in slide photos.

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