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21 Feb 2007

How to add Yahoo, Hotmail, and POP3 e-mail accounts to Gmail

Now you can add all of your external e-mail accounts to Gmail. Its pretty simple to set up. Instructions can be found here, taken from Google’s question and answer page.

This feature is currently only enabled for a limited number of users. We’re working on making it more available soon.

1. Click Settings from the top of any Gmail page.

2. Click Accounts.
3. In the Get mail from other accounts section, click Add another mail address.
4. Enter the full email address of the account you’d like to access, then click Next Step.
5. Gmail will populate the Username and POP Server fields when possible, based on your email address. Enter your Password.

6. Before you can send mail as the new address, Gmail need to verify that you own this email address. To perform the verification click “Send Verification“. Gmail will then send an email to your email address with instructions on how to verify your address.

7. An email with a confirmation code will be sent to your email account,  to add your email address, do one of the following : Click on the link in the confirmation email or Enter and verify the confirmation code in the Pop-up box,

8.Decide whether to:
* Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server. If you’ll only be accessing your email through your Gmail account, leave this unchecked. If you’d like to be able to access your mail directly from that account, or if you’re accessing it through any other accounts or devices, click to select this option.
* Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.
* Label incoming messages. If you’d like to automatically label all messages that are retrieved from your non-Gmail account, select this option. You can choose to use the predefined label (your email address), or you can select an existing label or create a new one from the drop-down list.
* Archive incoming messages. Mail from this account can be archived directly, without showing up in your Inbox. Learn more about archiving.
9. Click Add Account.
10. Once your account has been added successfully, you’ll have the option of setting it as a custom From address. This allows you to compose messages in Gmail, but have them appear to be sent from your other email account (learn more). Click Yes to set up a custom From address.

You’re done! Gmail will now check your other account on a regular basis, and new mail will appear automatically in your Gmail account. You can disable importing at any time from the Accounts tab of your Settings page. Just click delete next to the appropriate email account.

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