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Why are we developing this product?
A lot of schools want to implement a Parent Access function for them to view their kids’ information from home, however the existing Internet infrastructure in most schools are not able to provide such implementations. Most of our iSchool Management Systems servers are located within the school, for parents to be able to access from home to the SMS server, a very good Internet line, together with a fixed IP is required.

  • Can I use SchoolNET in School?
    No, SchoolNet is a VPN, and for security reasons, they do not allow users from outside of the network to access the resources within the VPN.
  • What about the 1.0 Mbps Soho Streamyx Broadband?
    A normal Streamyx Soho 1.0Mbps line is not good enough for hosting such access, while the 1.0 Mbps download speed may be good enough for a few users to access the Internet from within the school, the upload speed is only 384K and may be sufficient only for 1-2 users to log-in from outside of the school, depending on the quality of the Broadband service in your area, also, there is no fixed IP under this package, for access to your school, you’ll need to have your own Dynamic DNS services configured, and if the 1.0 Mbps line is not stable, users will not be able to use the DDNA service to log-in to the SMS server.
  • What About a 1.5Mbps SDSL Service with one ip?
    The 1.5Mbps SDSL line is good enough to provide users to access from home, however, the maximum number of users can access will also depends on the quality of the SDSL line in your area, and the number of other Internet services that are also using the same SDSL line, e.g. CCTV, or email services. It will not be able to provide more than 20 concurrent user accessing the SMS server at the same time, so for schools having a lot of parents targeted, the 1.5Mbps SDSL line may also not be sufficient.

The Cost of a 1.5Mbps SDSL line is RM618 a month (see TM Net’s pricing table below), which total up to RM7,416 a year, which could be out of reach for most schools.

Source – TM Web Site

How Can iSchool ASP Portal Helped to solve this Problem?

  • The iSchool ASP Portal is hosted within the ISP Data Centres, where we have unlimited high bandwith backbone designed to take care of large volume of users;
  • The iSchool ASP Portal is designed to be run on server clusters, where we can handle large numbers of schools;
  • With a centralized ASP implementation, parent can access their children’s information in different schools, through a single account;

Can iSchool ASP Portal be installed in the School?

  • No, as the ASP portal is designed to be run in a data centre, with high bandwidth, full Digital Certificates and large servers;
  • Many of the build-in functions like Google Apps integrations, RSS feeds and widgets need to be run from a Data Centre environment for faster system responses.

What is Provided with this Package

  • Your school do not need to buy the software, where it will be provided as a service on a rental basis, this will reduce the initial start up cost;
  • We will provide the Server hardware in the data centre on a shared basis;
  • The co-location charges;
  • User support for Schools Admin;
  • The Server support, backups and house keepings;

What is Required from the School?

  • Since the data is extracted from the school, the school must have the iSchool Management Basic System installed, with the Exam, Student Discipline and Co-curriculum modules;
  • The data are uploaded and synchronized from the SMS server, so a stable Internet line is required;
  • Certain configurations on the SMS server and router in school;
  • The Issuance of Parent’s user IDs and passwords will be handled by the school admin at the discretions of the school;
  • Any lost password re-issuance will also be handled at the school level, as only the school will be able to authenticate the true identity of the parents;

What will happen after My School sign Up?

  • We will assist you in the initial system setting up by configuring your SMS server, including the release of a small ASP Portal data upload function in your SMS;
  • Perform the initial data extractions and upload to the ASP Portal;
  • Assist you in the User Notification Letter PDF generations for Parents;
  • The School will distribute these User Notification Letter at school level to parents;
  • Parent ready to log-in;
  • Subsequent updates are done on a daily basis;

Demo Site
Please visit our demo site – where you will log in as a parent in a fictitious school, for you to have a preview of the functionalities of the new applications.

Please contact support @ for demo access