ASP Portal


Parent Access – Features

Parent and guardian can log-in to the iSchool ASP Portal, if he / she is being issued an ID and password by the school. After logging in, the parent will have access to students’ profile only for children and students under his custodian. Apart from the student profile, he’ll have full news and announcement information in the school. He will also be able to send and receive messages to and from the teachers if the school chooses to open up this access.

Parents can access their child’s academic profile, exam and grading performance, attendance, disciplinary action or co-curriculum activities from the parent’s desktop.

120px-vista-messenger.pngMy Children
Parents are able to see their childrens’s info in school, including gradings & examination results, discipline records, Attendance and Co-curriculum activities (including Assessment results). Parents also have the option to view all childrens studying in different schools in one household account, by combining accounts.

120px-nuvola_apps_juk.pngSchool Info
The school have the option to configure School News, Announcements, and Events through RSS feed from their Official School web site, so that Parent can view on their Desktop on ASP Portal. We have also extended a school location through Google Maps from our iSchool Directory. The School can create their own Youtube Channel account where they can upload their school activities in Video, and link to the ASP Portal, similarily with Photo Albums services from Flickr.

120px-nuvola_apps_knewsticker.pngMy News
We made latest news from the major local newspaper available on the ASP Portal through RSS feed, so that the Parent can have a summarised view of the latest happenings in the country, in different languages. Users can also configure their own RSS feed, for content of their choice. If the school also sign up for the iSchool WP Portal product, indivudual teacher’s blogs will also be displayed via RSS feeds.

120px-exquisite-calendar.pngSchool Calendars
If the School activate their embedded Google Calendar functions, parent will be able to monitor various school events and calendar, optional examination schedules and co-curriculum activities are also available if the schools choose to publish them via Google calendar. This is part of our overall iSchool Suite of products’ integration with Google Apps for Education.

120px-nuvola_apps_edu_languages.pngMulti Lingual
The ASP Portal is multi-lingual, with avilable interface in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese, so that parents of all background would be able to log-in and choose the language interface of their choice, and this is a great help for parents who may not be fluent in languages that they are not familiar with. With the multi-ligual interface, we can achieve a better communication between schools and parents.

120px-gnome-address-book-new_svg.pngCommunication with Teacher
If you are a parent, you would like to know who’s the teachers of your children in school. For schools that have their teacher’s profile and email maintained up-to-date, the parents will be able to communicate with the teachers of their children, via email. This collaborative communication between teachers and parents will improve students’ performance

120px-gnome-contact-new_svg.pngOne ID for Each Household
Parent needs only to have one ID and password to access all their childrens in different schools, they have option to combine their access IDs issued by different schools. Once combines, they can have access to the portal information for all of their children, even they at different schools, all accessible on one single desktop.

You can now add some of the coolest widgets on the web on your desktop for personalised view, including Weather, youtube, Flickr, quizes, Maps or Calendars. You can also have Crossword puzzle or Sudoku Puzzles added, so that you’ll have a fresh puzzle attempt everyday. We will add more selection of widgets as we further develop the product.

120px-vista-login_manager.pngAdmin Tools & Settings
The School Administrator will be able to select and configure their school’s Map Location, School News to be displayed or Youtube and Flickr Accounts. Individual users will be able to change their passwords, choose their preferred color scheme, or their own personalised RSS feeds.