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Wednesday, November 30, 2022   
1 Feb 2010

How to update current year student information in ASP Portal?

Before update current year student information in ASP Portal, please make sure that all existing students has been successfully roll over to current year, you may refer to Back to school Guide.  While for new student with guardian account existed in SMS, you will need to link the student and guardian relationship, you may refer to Link Student and Guardian

After roll over and relationship linking has been done, you may now proceed to perform adhoc update for Student and Guardian Relationship for every level. Please refer to How To Perform Manual Data Extraction For Ad-hoc Uploading.

For newly  joined student who does not have guardian account created before, please create parents account for them, you may refer to How to create parent account uploaded from iSchool SMS – Guardian Profile for bulk account creation or Single Account Creation for single account creation.

How To Schedule Data Extraction?
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