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Saturday, September 26, 2020   
20 May 2008

Will I get a new account or can I transfer my account to another school if my child is transfer or leaving school?

There is neither a new account created nor account transferred is required when a child is being transferred to a new school that had also signed up iSchool ASP Portal. When a parent no longer has children studying in the school, the School Administrator shall set the parent’s account status to “Dormant”, meaning that you can still login with the account but there will be no update to the children records.

Once the child is transferred, the parent should approach the School Administrator in the new school to re-activate his / her account. You must provide USERNAME, ICNO and NAME AS IN IC for identification. Once the account is re-activated, system shall link the child’s information to this account for the new school . You are not required to change USERNAME, EMAIL and PASSWORD with a change of school. In fact, the parent would not have to change anything in the parent account, either, from the time the student is in primary until s/he graduates from secondary school.

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