ASP Portal

20 May 2008

Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to login?

User may get the following error message when he/she fails to login to the iSchool ASP Portal :

[We could not find an account with the username and password you provided. Please try again.]

There are several reasons that a logon problem may occur in iSchool ASP Portal :

  • You may not have typed your username correctly. Please take note that your username (Email address) must be in all lower case letters.
  • You may be typing an incorrect password, or the password is not typed in as created with the proper capital and/or lower case letters. Please take note that the password is case sensitive and it must be typed in exactly as created.
  • The School had discontinued the service, as such, the username and password is no longer valid to access to the Portal. Please approach your School Administration for verification.
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