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8 Aug 2008

What are the image size that I can inserted into a post?

There are 3 options of image sizes for you to choose while inserting an image into the body of a post namely:

1. Thumbnail size
2. Medium size
3. Full size.

School Administrator is able to pre-set the maximum dimensions of thumbnail and medium image size to use. To do it, please click on the link Image Width Setting for details.

If you are using “full size” option, it is strongly recommended to resize the image size to a maximum width of 500 pixels before uploading. This is to ensure that the uploaded image will not flow into your sidebar area. Although some of the blog themes can cope with images wider than 500 pixels, please take note that once your blog themes changed subsequently, the image size as uploaded into posts will not be affected. As a result, the image will flow into your sidebar area when the image width you used in your old theme may be too large for your new theme.

You can increase the width of an image by clicking and dragging the image to the required size. However, NEVER insert a “medium size” image and drag to the larger size because this affects the quality of the image.


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