Maintenance Schedule

1. Introduction

As our application systems have been integrated into your school operation, it is crucial that the server that the server the system runs on required periodical maintenance in order to prevent any unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • Decline in server performance due to data fragmentation
  • Unable to operate smoothly due to storage shortage
  • Security threats due to out dated security patches

2. Scope of OS Servicing

2.1 The routine server servicing scopes shall cover the following:

  • Database Vacuuming
    • Refers to removing those unused tables or fields which have been deleted during data entering period.
  • Dead Processes housekeeping
    • Refers to removing those processes which are not able to continue its processing. If too many dead processes stack up, this will cause the system to slow down.
  • Disk space monitoring and servicing
    • This is to determine the availability of server storage in order to prevent server hung due to disk space full. If there is insufficient storage detected, all old log files and temporary files need to celanup in order to have more server storage space.

2.2 The routine OS servicing shall be performed in a quarterly basis.

3. Procedures on Server OS Maintenance

3.1 Develop Yearly Server OS Maintenance Plan

3.2 Informing School before servicing

  • Email shall be sent as a reminder a week in advance to notify the schools before the actual task is carried out.
  • If the School requests to re-schedule the maintenance date due to unavailability of staff, the School shall arrange with our support staff immediately or upon receiving the reminder letter. The School shall be given 5 days grace period to re-schedule the maintenance job and the job has to be completed within the next 5 working days.

3.3 Notice During Maintenance

  • The server servicing shall be done by accessing to the School servers via internet line / broadband connection as pre-conditions. The School must ON the server at least during office hours as stated in the Contract. If on site servicing is required, all the out of pocket expenses shall be reimbursable from the School.
  • During the server maintenance, if the School user happens to access to the School Management System, the website first page will display a message “System under Maintenance, Please come back later ……”. The School user is not allowed to access to the system until the maintenance task is completed.
  • After the work done, our support staff will apply the software patches to the system.

3.4 Notice after Maintenance

  • An email will be issued to notify the School that the maintenance task has completed / has not been carried out. The School will also be informed on software patches that have applied to the system.

3.5 Quarterly Reporting

  • A Quarterly Summary Report on the maintenance job will be compiled and sent to PMO for status reporting. The report shall include on which schools had been serviced and which shcools had failed to service; and status of patching being released / applied to the schools for the relevant parties to take follow-up actions. Besides, respective quarterly servicing schedule shall be updated immediately after servicing in order to reflect the latest servicing status of the schools.



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