SMJK School Portal Project

15 Mar 2007

School Information Sheet Updates

The existing Portal may contain school information that had been outdated, since some of the information was originally created in 2003, when the first version of the portal was launched.

We had also enclosed a copy of the School Information Sheet, plus a set of Explanatory Note providing instructions on how to complete the Information Sheet, where we had extracted the school’s information from our existing records in the portal, we hope all SMJK schools can make the necessary corrections to any incorrect information given in the School Information Sheet, so that we can make the necessary updates in our records.

The School information Sheet contains the following:

– School’s Name in English and Chinese (there could be some mistakes in some school previously, and we hope you can verify them this time)
– School’s Address
– School’s General Contact info, Telephone, Fax & email
– School Principal’s contact Info
– School SMS Administrator’s Contact info
– School Portal Administrator’s Contact info

The above information can also be updated by the individual School portal Administrator in the future, as and when the schools have changes in staff.

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