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16 Mar 2007

User Management and Portal Administrator Account to Access

On Monday, 19th March 2007, we 1ill send a User Notification Letter containing a new Google Apps account for each school, with a standard user ID ”” where xxx indicate the new Google Apps school suffix, previously decided by the SMJK council, for a full list of this Google Apps school suffix, please visit –

The School Principal will handover this User Notification Letter (UNL) to the existing School Portal Administrator or, if there is no existing one, appoints a new School Portal Administrator and passes him/her the letter.

The PDF generated User Notification Letter will contain a temporary School Portal Administrator account, please use the ID and password given in the letter to log into Google Apps’, making the necessary first password change and Google Apps Terms-and-Conditions acceptance.

After which, please wait 24th March 2007, Saturday, after we had migrated the new Portal, to log in to the new portal at to perform the necessary Administrative functions as the School portal Administrator.

If your school already have the Google Apps accounts activated earlier for all teachers, you can simply log into the new portal and assign the School Portal Administrator role.

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  • 15 Mar 2007

    SMJK Web Portal 2.0 Soft Launch

    We will be migrating the existing SMJK portal to the new version on Friday, the 23rd of March 2007, the portal will be shut down temporary to enable our project team to perform the necessary data conversion and certification works.

    The new Portal will be available again on Saturday, 24th of March 2007.

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