19 Aug 2008

How to create a strong password?

Your passwords are the keys you use to access the system. It is important to create strong passwords and keep them well protected. Besides, you have to keep your password secretly and one way is to change your password regularly. Followings are some tips to create strong passwords:

  • Make your password lengthy. Remember that every character that you add to your password will increase its protection.
  • Combine letter, number and symbol. The greater variety of characters, the harder it is to guess.
  • Add complexity by mixing uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers

User tends to use some common methods to create passwords that are easily guessed by malicious users. Followings are some tips to avoid weak, easy-to-guess password:

  • Avoid sequences or repeated characters eg “22222″, “1234567″, “abcdefg”, etc
  • Avoid to use your login name
  • Avoid dictionary words

You may test your new password with Password Checker that will determine your password’s strength as you type. To find out more information, please click on the link on Password Checker.

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