3 May 2007

How School Administrator recover forgotten username and password?

School Administrator is appointed to manage your school portal. The main functions are to manage the overall school user accounts and passwords, school news, announcement, calendar/event publishing, etc. With these role assigned, the authentication of true identify of School Administrator is a must whenever there is request for re-issuing username and password from school.

In view of frequent change in staff duties, our Support staff could not identify the current appointed School Adminsitrator. As such, we need to seek official security clearance from the school. Please downloadthe Password Recover Form and print in your school letterhead. Please fill up the required information; chop and sign by your School Principal. Please fax the Form to Web Administrator as indicated in the Form.

Upon receiving the request form, our Support staff will re-issue the password and reply to School Adminstrator either via email or SMS.

Upon receiving new password from Web Administrator, if your iSchool Portal is with Google Apps Services enabled, you must log in at Gmail site, http://mail.[mydomain].edu to activate your Google Apps account. You must change your password and go through the Terms and Condition page. Please key in a mapping text that appears on a small “Graphics” to again prevent a robotic submission act. User must read the text on the graphics and manually key in the equivalent. Once this step is completed, only the Google Apps account can be activated and be used. Please take note to replace [mydomain] with your actual domain.

If your iSchool Portal does not sign up Google Apps Services, your first time login to your iSchool Portal will direct you to password change. For more information, please refer to our documentation – Password Change.

The above procedure is also applicable to the following user groups:

1. Council Member – He/she is a council member but may not be a School Principal

2. Council Member/Principal – He/she is a council member and is also a School Principal

3. Web Administrator

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