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27 Oct 2008

Launching on

This serves to inform our valued customers of the recent changes to our website that publishes our iSchool suites of products.  We have undergone quite a major re-engineering exercise in providing better information services to meet the today demands and needs.


Our re-build is aimed with the following objectives and goals:-

·        Being user friendly
·        Providing ease of navigational flow
·        Providing same look-&-feel for all iSchool products blogs
·        Standardized items on all iSchool product sub-blog sites
·        Providing ease of product reference
·         Online Manual in multi-lingual
·        Better security control and assurance
·        Consolidated FAQs and Releases blog
·        Latest open source WPMU blogging engines

So, what are new?

Firstly, we upgraded the WPMU blogging engines to the newest and latest release, which addressed many known security risks and provide many new add-on features.

Secondly, we relocated the existing SMS content from to for standardization and streamline all the iSchool suite of products; in our determination to provide overall support and delivery to our customers.

Thirdly, centralized and consolidated all iSchool products content to the url:  All future information related to respective iSchool suite of products shall be updated in this centralized site and the respective product site shall provide individual product and support information only.

Features and Benefits

We provided lots of new features and functionality to all the content feeds which bring many great benefits to all customers.  For details, please click on the url link Launching on for details.


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