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22 Feb 2007

Engage and Motivate Your Students with an Education Blog

Many teachers have been looking for a way to implement blogging into their classrooms. Amber Teaman, from Garland ISD, has a way for us to be able to do it. In her presentation, she shared with teachers a safe and easy solution on how to use blogging in the classroom and engage students in better ways.

A blog is an online journal (or web log) where you and others can post and comment on information. Blogs range from random thoughts about the world around us to serious education or research based information.

So how would you use it in your classroom? Ms. Teaman shared with us many ways she has used it in her classroom. To start out, she used the blog as a communication outlet for those stories that students wanted to share with her, that she just didn’t have time to listen to during class. By starting out this way, the students got comfortable answering questions the teacher posted in the blog and then also commenting on other student’s posts.

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