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14 Aug 2008

Import Another Google Spreadsheet’s Data

Google provides a new function for spreadsheets: importRange. This will import the data from a Google Docs spreadsheet you saved into another spreadsheet. For instance, my first spreadsheet has the URL

In it, I define a range named “PeopleAges” to make referring to this data easier. In my second spreadsheet I now edit a cell and copy the key of above URL as first parameter. The second parameter will be my range name:

=importRange("pvm6FPiylicLb_2cwmpkHfw", "PeopleAges")

Hitting return on this formula, the second spreadsheet will briefly display a “loading” message and then shows the age data from the other spreadsheet.

Google already has a couple of functions to import data from websites, too (they’re importData, importFeed, importHtml, importXml).

Also, as German GoogleWatchBlog reports, Google added a split function to split a string into an array, and they now allow you to search and replace in spreadsheets.

Via Google Blogscoped

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