The iSchool Mall Portal aims to do for educators what eBay has done for the masses, it gives educators a platform for selling their Question Sets, Exercises, Revision Papers and lesson plans to students and other interested educators. At the same time, students will also be able to find these learning resources online, teachers will find the site helps them quickly find relevant content that can be adapted for their classrooms; educators will find this site allow them to earn some extra money for their work.

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The following are the features

Easy To Set Up

You can simply follow our easy to use guide to create your own Curriculum, exercises and questions. How you want them to be taken, or how you are going to charge your users, either free, or at a fee.

Reduced Cost

With our all inclusive cost, where we will be providing the use of the iSchool Mall software, e-Commerce Setup, co-location hardware, services and support, you do not need to come up with your own initial investment cost.

Payment Options

We offer a variety of payment options, including credit cards, online bank transfers, micro-payments, or over the counter transactions, so that users can buy the necessary credit points to purchase the content.

One Page Checkout

Users can use the built in shopping cart to purchase contents, and once complete visiting the stores, he can proceed to our one page checkout to purchase these content, by using the various payment options.

Building Community

Being designed as a Web 2.0 applications, you can build your own Social Networks for Student-students, Student-teacher, or Teacher-teacher. Each store will have its own users groups.

Good Support

We provide good online support, by giving you access to our Online Manual, FAQs and user created forums, so that you can learn from your peers.

Great Savings

Since the contents are offered online, via web, we had totally bypass the traditional cost of printing and distribution, these savings will be passed down to the end-users.

Secured Transactions

All purchasing of Credit Points, redemption for contents, and access to the purchased content are all done through our secured web environments.

Multi Lingual Stores

The iSchool Mall is multi-lingual, with available interface in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Arabic, so that contents in these languages can be uploaded and utilized. With the multi-lingual interface, we can reach a far wider audience.

Educators’ Benefits

  • They can set up their own store easily, without technical knowledge, to operate e-Commerce.
  • Easy Tools to upload their questions and exercises
  • Track users sign-up to their stores
  • Get user feedbacks and comments on their content
  • Bypass the traditional publishers
  • Have a wider reach of users and students via web
  • Make Profit from their content
  • Track Students’ performance

Students’ Benefits

  • Students will be able to find the learning content easily, all in one place
  • We based on Web 2.0 design concept
  • Student using innovative ways to learn
  • Online Community by joining groups
  • Operates in micro-payments and credit points
  • Track Students’ performances



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