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27 Aug 2010

SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 283 – 27th August 2010

Release Note

1. On SMS Basic Module, we’d enhanced the features as following:-

a. Timetable Mgmt ~ > Staff Timetable Class Assignment, system have provide a new option to simply the Class –Subject –Teacher Assignment to supersede existing staff timetable slot option which was designed for International School usage.

b. ID Card ~ > Student ID Card, new template for printing with Plain colour scheme and additional plain background for each colour template.

c. Enquiry ~ > Without Info Alert ~ > Student/Staff Profile, to add in a new enquiry option “Without Info Alert” – for school user to monitor the incomplete information input on the student and staff profile.

d. Student Mgmt ~ > Student leaving/Transfer – create/Verify, to display alert on screen for outstanding library books, access cards and user account on creation screen and also display verify process when there is outstanding from Library and allow user to check on checked box for system to auto inactivate the student’s access card and user’s account.

e. Student Mgmt ~ > Alumni Profile ~ > Create, new option release for Alumni Enquiry & export, during student rollover & class streaming process, system enable user to create alumni profile on graduating class and leaving/transfer student.

2. E-Report Card ~ > Exam Mgmt ~ > Print ~ > Report Card Cover, to enable print of class history on the Report card cover printing  format 2.

Click here to download SMS Release Version 4.1 Build 283

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